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pulpit. GEEKS!

Furthermore, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve labored over a PowerPoint presentation on my laptop, transferred it to a flash drive, and then to the sanctuary computer, only to get one of those big red “X” messages that says something like, “An error occurred while creating an error report; your presentation has been permanently and fatally deleted.” That’ll leave your heart “strangely warmed.” Makes you long for the good old days of Flannelgraph!

But when you really stop and think about the good old days, the good old days weren’t so good either. In my first church, we took a leap of technological faith and bought a sound system from Radio Shack. The volume controls were on the first shelf of the pulpit, just to the right of the stack of outdated hymnals, Bill Gaither chorus books, birthday pencils, and anointing oil brought back from a trip the former pastor took to the Holy Land. In effect, I was my own sound man.

Unfortunately, the very first Sunday we had a glitch. Apparently, we didn’t properly ground the new sound system. Do you remember CB Radios? State Route 33 ran past our church, and as I began the pastoral prayer, “Our Heavenly Father,” bleeding over the sound system came a trucker’s CB radio, “Yeah, go ahead; I got my ears on.” Three board members who were not entirely sanctified lay their all on the altar that day, and seven teenagers volunteered for missions in the Congo!

The good news is: God’s got his ears on . . . 10-4? Isaiah 58:9 says, “Then when you call, the Lord will answer. ‘Yes, I am here,’ He will quickly reply” (NLT). God won’t let your message go to voicemail.

MARK HOLLINGSWORTH serves as senior pastor of First Church of the Nazarene in Edmond, Oklahoma

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