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  1. Be on time.
  2. Start your services on time.
  3. Make announcements brief.
  4. Always give an opportunity to seek the Lord.
  5. Have the people fill in the front seats first—leave back seats for latecomers and strangers.
  6. Come to the service prayed up.
  7. Take part in the song service.


  1. He studied each morning (Saturday was his day off).
  2. He wrote out his notes—which he seldom used.
  3. He went to bed on Saturday afternoon with his sermons—to soak in them.


  1. He encouraged them to say, “Amen,” out loud. (It boosts the preacher.)
  2. He encouraged them to clap their hands when they sang.
  3. He urged everyone to put life and enthusiasm into the service.
  4. He often said, “Please do not sit there like a bump on a log—consider yourself a part of the service.”
  5. Always rally around the altar for prayer when there are seekers.
  6. Pray the glory down. 

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