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As Nazarene clergy have looked more closely at Scripture and their own Wesleyan roots, they have found that Communion is a way of sharing in Christ and the means of grace—things worth sharing with any congregation. Two other developments may also be stimulating more frequent Communion in many Nazarene congregations: First, new social and cultural realities have forced the church to recognize that many people respond to faith not because of reason-based motivations, but out of a desire to experience God in a more symbolic or image-based way—which creates the capacity for all ages (and various mental capacities) to participate. People who long to unite with God and other believers find Communion a welcomed expression of solidarity among Nazarenes and the greater Church. In addition, many new Nazarenes hail from fellowships that practice frequent Communion, and as such, this is a spiritual practice they regard. Second, many clergy, especially bi-vocational ministers, feel great pressure in planning the weekly worship service. By providing more frequent Communion, they are able to offer a substantive worship element that can not only be contextualized in many ways, but keeps the focus on God and better complements their role as proclaimers.


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