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In 1997, the Board of General Superintendents made a historic decision when they declared the United States and Canada a mission field. They recognized that the traditional definition of missions had changed and that the church would have to consider new ways to accomplish ministry as neighborhoods and communities became more diverse and pluralistic in response to increasingly secular, economic, and cultural forces. To be effective in communicating the gospel, clergy would need a degree of flexibility and openness formerly thought of as the special calling of missionaries. This evergrowing reality prompted the 2009 decision to declare the United States and Canada a region, along with the other global regions in the Church of the Nazarene. Years later, the church in the United States and Canada is still constantly flexing and innovating to fit the various diverse ministry contexts in which it finds itself. Such adaptation has led many congregations to refocus and retool their efforts around community need and relevance to the unchurched. Missional models of church have not only prompted increased sensitively to people in the margins of society but also on the efforts needed to disciple and form people in a present and future kingdom.

In 2013, a roundtable panel of seven pastors in the Church of the Nazarene sat down with General Superintendent David Graves to talk candidly about missional engagement among small and mid-sized congregations. The meeting was convened by Grace and Peace Magazine and hosted by Bob Broadbooks, USA/Canada Regional Director. The panel included Gary Ball II, Jeff Barker, Kyle Johnson, Kevin McGinnis, Aimee Mulder, Alice Piggee-Wallack, and Chad Wilks. An abbreviated and edited* portion of the panel discussion appears below. Video portions of the discussion are available at

Missional Engagement in Small Church
Panel, part 1


Missional Engagement in Small Church
Panel, part 2



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