Session 4: “Forming the Pilgrim People of God - Practices of Discernment and Formation for and with Congregations” - Panel Response


Presenter: Dan Boone
Panelists: Brent Peterson, Ian Fitzpatrick, Brannon Hancock, and Janine Metcalf 
Moderator: Rebecca Laird

 Panelists respond to the thoughts of presenter Dan Boone, including points on exile as a sacrament, a means of grace and redemption; the fact that while we are called out, we are also inserted in the world (John 17) so we are not to appear as superior; and that instead of living in parallel universes, we need to find a place of connection. 

This video is from the 2016 USA/Canada Economic Summit and Theology Conference held at Nazarene Theological Seminary. Find all these videos at: